On Repeat

Repeating outfits is a hotly debated topic. Is in uncool to outfit repeat? When is it acceptable? Can you wear the same outfit twice in one week? Some fashion publications consider it tacky or a fashion faux pas, whilst others consider it to be a marker of a down to earth personality and a frugal mindset. Take Kate Middleton, for example; whenever she repeats an outfit you'd be forgiven for thinking she's cured famine, such is the praise she receives. Others are not so lucky; pegged as being 'caught out', questioned as to why they'd wear something twice when they can afford not to. (Side note: if I were to start a bitchy column documenting celebrities repeating outfits, I'd definitely call it Repeat Offenders).

In the world of fast fashion, it's deemed perfectly acceptable to wear an outfit once before either binning, donating or selling it because it has served its purpose. As a non-wasteful, non-millionaire I don't and can't subscribe to this one-wear school of thought. Not only that but I have a selection of favourites in high rotation at any given time. Not only am I not afraid of wearing the same top or pair or trousers a few times in the same week, I'm also wholly on board with wearing the same outfit two days in a row. Firstly, I work from home so my outfits are often 'wasted' (a subject which you can read about here) and secondly, if an outfit is truly perfect, it surely deserves a second outing.

Currently on high rotation are: a pair of wide leg polka dot trousers, a blue candy stripe skirt, any and all neckerchiefs and a lemon print denim jacket. Until I wear them out like and grow tired of them like a new song, they will continue to see the light of day multiple times a week and I will feel precisely zero sartorial shame.

Jacket: River Island (old), Shirt, trousers, bag, neckerchief and jewellery: vintage, Shoes: ASOS (old)

Dress, trousers, neckerchief and jewellery: vintage, Bag: Pineapple Retro, Sandals: River Island (old). I also had the lemon jacket this day but it was too hot to wear it!

These two photos were taken about a month apart on a couple of rare summer days, so clearly my current crop of favourites are in no danger of falling off the hot list any time soon.

Don't limit how often you can wear your favourite clothes for fear of being an 'outfit repeater' (a phrase which, according to google, will hold significance for Lizzie McGuire fans). If you love them, wear them seven days a week if you feel like it. Perhaps give them a wash midweek though...