Editorial: Eden [published by Hunger TV]

'Eden' was published in April by Hunger TV alongside an interview with photographer Lucie Crewdson and I...

What inspired your shoot and what did you hope to achieve?
Our idea was based on the juxtaposition between masculinity and femininity. We wanted to use the structure of the garments and combine this with the feminine touches of the glitter eyeshadow, hair extensions and flowers. We were inspired by the new incarnation of the modern man and how overt masculinity can be underlined with a streak of vanity.

Did it turn out how you expected?
The feel of the shoot changed quite a lot from our original plan, but we kept the styling aesthetic we wanted from the start. The use of collage was a later decision, we liked the idea of adding a very obvious feminine attribute in the form of oversized flowers.

Have you worked with the team before?
We work together a lot as we have a very similar outlook on the type of fashion imagery we want to create. Jacob is a great creative make up artist and hair stylist who we have started working with more recently!

What was the most challenging aspect of the shoot?
Getting the right balance between the masculine and feminine elements.

What are you hungry for?
Pizza, always! And also to become a successful duo and build on creating our own distinct directional style.

You can view the full editorial on my website and the full feature on Hunger Young Blood. The team was:

Photographer: Lucie Crewdson
Styling: Sophie Benson
Hair + Make-up: Jacob James
Models: Jacob @ Boss/Established, Sam @ Nemesis
Collage: Sophie Benson/Lucie Crewdson